New Hope for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia

“There must be something seriously wrong with me”

After years of years of experiencing a wide range of seemingly unconnected symptoms including intense fatigue, muscle pain, impaired memory and concentration, poor quality sleep, headaches, racing mind, anxiety, palpitations, IBS and food intolerances, you may finally be given a diagnosis of Chronic fatigue, ME or fibromyalgia. But reading about these conditions are terrifying. You may read that there is no cure, that you have to accept that you may be like this forever.

Having worked as a Reflexologist for 25 years, I have seen hundreds of clients who have told me similar stories. It may start slowly. You are more tired than normal. You need lots of caffeine to keep going. You collapse at the weekend in order to be able to go to work on Monday. You keep picking up infections. Your brain seems to be constantly foggy. Your body feels like it is moving through treacle. Everything is an effort.

Visits to the GP and various blood tests show nothing conclusive. “You must be depressed” so you start on the road of various medications, with little effect. You now feel scared that you will be stuck like this forever. You feel isolated because no-one seems to understand, or worse – that you are just lazy or making it up.

Conventional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms, instead of looking at the root cause of these debilitating and life changing conditions. However, there is no magic bullet and no ‘one size fits all’ treatment.

Fortunately, a revolutionary new approach to these conditions has been pioneered by The Chrysalis Effect ( and is now becoming recognised by the medical profession as an effective long-term treatment for Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia. This programme recognises that mind, body, environment, lifestyle, dietary factors, relationships and the pre-disposition and susceptibility of a person are all part of the picture. Nothing happens in isolation, everything is interrelated. An effective treatment programme therefore needs to address all these different elements.

I have studied intensively for the past 2 years to become a Specialist Recovery Practitioner with the Chrysalis Effect, to help people who have been stopped in their tracks by Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia. I will help you to understand how and why you have become ill, what triggers your symptoms, and give you the tools and support to help you to navigate your journey to the vibrant and fulfilling life that you truly deserve.

I am very excited to be able to offer this life changing treatment programme from my clinic, Cheshire Natural Health in Stretton. I will also be able to offer video consultations for clients who are unable to come into clinic.

If you would like to find out more, book in for your free Discovery consultation where, based on your health profile, I can tell you more about the recovery programmes and you will be able to decide if this approach is right for you.

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