An ancient therapy for modern times.

Tracey is a highly experienced clinical reflexologist supporting people with chronic health problems including Chronic Fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia and anxiety since 1995.

Tracey Turton Reflexologist


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and non-invasive complementary therapy. It uses gentle pressure on precise points on the feet, ankles and hands. This has an effect on corresponding parts of the body, soothing away stress and tension.

Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, which in turn may normalise blood pressure and improve circulation. The aim of reflexology is to improve the overall physical and emotional health of the client.

During an hour’s treatment, circulation, energy flow, nerve and glandular systems are stimulated to help restore the body’s own natural balance. It does this by helping to eliminate toxins and encouraging the body to revitalise itself.

Reflexology is particularly effective as part of a treatment plan for supporting people with long term or chronic health problems, such as Chronic Fatigue, M.E., Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hormonal Imbalances and anxiety. 

TraceyTurton Recovery and Wellbeing Specialist
Benefits of Reflexology

Deep relaxation
Improved mood
Increased energy levels

Improved circulation
Improved sleep
Release of tension 
Increased sense of well-being

More efficient removal of impurities and toxins



3 month programme



6 Reflexology sessions

(Face to Face)

Free email and telephone support between sessions


4 month programme


6 well-being coaching/ mentoring sessions

6 Reflexology sessions

(Face to Face)

Free email and telephone support between sessions

Payment options are available, please ask for details

Tracey Turton Recovery and Wellbeing Specialist

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